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We Are Awesome Folow Us

We are NANUK

Wellmade with hands

We like the touch.
We craft every product with hands.
We check it with eyes. Then we pack it with love.
As our grandmas did, but better;-]

We take care

We are not perfect. Everything we create, we leave a trace in nature.
It’s a fact. However, we can do so much to reduce the impact to a minimum.
Here’s the beauty of home-made products. We don’t waste energy.
We live in our “factory”. We don’t waste the fabric.
We cut it down to the smallest bits and use it for custom products.
We use eco-friendly materials where possible, but we don’t sacrifice product performance.

What we need

The market has huge range of products.
However, when you have a vision of a perfect scarf or hoodie, you can’t find any.
Do you? This is when we jump behind the sewing machine and craft it.
Then we test it. Tweak it and tailor it to perfection.

We are NANUK

We are skiers and snowboarders.
We live for days in the mountains.
Not only sunny days, all of them.
When winds go wild, we get wild too.
However, our skin needs protection.
Warm, cozy and tailored to perfection.
We need NANUK.